welcome to extreme strikers

Hey there I’m Tom Garland. Thank you for checking out my site. It really means a lot to me.

I’m a professional fighter. I fought under many different rules and sport: Kickboxing, K1, Muay Thai, Boxe.

Recently I’m training hard to get into the cage to have my first match under MMA rules.

But if I have to be honest to the core, my true nature and preferred fighting style come from Muay Thai. That’s how I started fighting, building my body and mind. Throwing kicks and knees.

I was pretty much a kicker. Strong hard kicks, no guard, no combination of punches, total lack of balance and distance perception. I used to throw punches with my body protruding backward because that was my optimal position to throw kicks. But that was in the beginning, years ago.

Over the years I pushed myself to train every day, I learned from my mistakes and losses, and I kept hitting back, I kept showing up to the class, even when my only thoughts were “it’s useless, just give up!”.

Was it all merit of my will?! Not entirely. A great teacher and awesome friends in the gym, with the same goal as mine, kept me going when my will couldn’t.

And that brings to the reason of this site. I want to give back what I received to whoever is ready to start this personal journey into combat sports. In total humbleness, I want to share my experience, knowledge, tips, and tricks that I gathered in all these many years.

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