Best Boxing Shoes (Reviews & Rating 2021)

Best Boxing Shoes (Reviews & Rating 2021)

As a boxer, the secret to delivering power-packed punches in a timely manner and slipping incoming straight shots lies in your footwork. We don’t deny that hard shots are important. What we mean is that great shots come from great footwork. And great footwork is only assured if you have the right skills coupled with one of the best boxing shoes of 2021.  

Adidas Pro

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Adidas HVC2 Speed

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How to buy the best boxing ring shoes is one topic that most coaches never delve into so much during training. Perhaps the reason for this is that there isn’t anything like the best shoes for everyone. This means that it’s your sole responsibility to get a pair of boxing shoes that best explores the potential in you.

Now all boxing shoes are constructed with traction and stability in mind, but not all of them offer these values. These shoes differ in terms of design (high top, mid top, and low top), fit, flexibility, grip, rotation, and material among other values. We’ll discuss these factors in depth later in the buying guide.


The Adidas Pro Bout is what you should be considering if you are working hard to up your speed performance both in the ring and on the mat. These boxing shoes are designed to offer speedy escapes from point A to B while leaving your opponent uncertain of your next move.

And what makes them the best Adidas boxing shoes is that they don’t compromise other fundamental factors in your boxing arsenal such as support and comfort in favor of speed.


For the price, the Adidas Pro Bout is a great option if you are working on your footwork. The split sole bottom design of these boxing shoes offers tons of flexibility thereby allowing you to diversify your angles of movement and to help you improve your performance in the ring. These shoes also come with a superb amount of protection around the toe and heel and a good level of comfort too.



Otomix, an American company based in California has been and continues to be one of the best boxing shoe brands for close to 3 decades now. This manufacturer has rolled out an array of show-stealers that target multi-sport athletes.

Ask us to recommend the top boxing shoes from this manufacturer and the Otomix Stingray Escape would come up first, pronto.


The Otomix Escape boxing shoes are worth checking out if you are looking for something that you can rely on not only for boxing but for other activities on the mat. We love these shoes for 2 major reasons: their ultra-lightweight design that make them almost hard to feel and the level of support, balance, and grip that they offer.

Worth mentioning is that the model that we’ve reviewed here is crafted with men in mind. For women, the Otomix Pink Stingray Escape might give you a better fit.



These boxing shoes come from a German manufacturer that commands high respect in combat sports; Adidas. This company is known for its ability to deliver quality at a price that even the athletes on a tight budget can afford.

The Adidas HVC2 Speed isn’t an exception and might interest you if are looking for the best affordable boxing shoe.



Considered one of the best Asics boxing shoes, the JB Elite V2.0 shoes rule supreme in Jordan Burroughs’ apparel particularly because it was designed following his specifications. These beast shoes are meant for wrestling but they have also been received with lots of love inside the boxing ring thanks to their performance.

The Elite V2.0 is a revamped version of the Elite V2.0, another kickass boxing shoes from the same production line. The new model, however, comes with a bag of goodies including a split sole and excellent breathability.

So, why the Asics Men’s JB Elite V2.O?


The Asics Elite V2.0 shoes will definitely cost you a pretty penny depending on the size and color. However, these are among the top boxing shoes that you can spend your hard earned money on. Among other things, we like that they come in 6 awesome colors. So, it’s easy to get these shoes that best compliments your gloves and shorts. But what we like most is the amount of ankle support that these shoes offer plus the flexibility and grip that the serradial traction pods add to the game.



Pro boxers earnestly dream of adding the Reebok Men’s boxing shoes to their collections. And it’s not any hard to see why.


Overall, we think that the Reebok Men’s Boxing Boots offer a great deal of comfort and functionality if you are looking for boxing shoes for training. It isn’t the cheapest on this list but its excellent traction, feet support, breathability and durability explain why.



One of the best affordable Ringside boxing shoes, the Master will fit the bill if you are not ready to spend upwards of a hundred on shoes.

Take note though. These are not your average run-of-the-mill boxing shoes. These shoes offer an affordable alternative to models that are up to 3 times higher while still offering a great deal in terms of grip and comfort.


Ringside has built a great reputation for its boxing and wrestling accessories especially shoes. This manufacturer is known for offering quality products at prices far lower than its competitors. The Ringside Ring Master shoes, for instance, is among the cheapest boxing shoes on the market today. These shoes are comfortable and breathable and beat the hell out of their similarly priced alternatives in terms of ankle support, balance, and grip.



The Rival boots are yet another favorable option for anyone hunting for good boxing shoes for wide feet. At a glance, these shoes are pretty much similar to the Asics JB Elite V2.0 that we saw earlier.

The major difference, however, is that the Rival shoes are designed purposely for boxing. Thus, we expect them to take a lead on several fronts.


The Rival Boxing Boots are among the most recommendable choices for athletes with wide feet. Their price makes them an entry level boxing shoes also for boxers who are working hard to improve their in-ring speed. In addition, they are notably durable thanks to the cowhide suede uppers and the thoughtfully engineered outsole. 



The Ringside Diablo are among a few other models that won’t miss in any collection of the best boxing shoes under 100, and for a reason.

These are contemporary styled low top boxing shoes designed to offer a taut and form-fitting fit for high-speed in-ring performance and decent comfort and support.


I have to admit that the Ringside Diablo isn’t the sturdiest boxing shoes on the planet today. But we think that they pack quite a number of features that can truly give you an advantage over your opponent. They are super lightweight but their rubber sole keeps you firmly planted on your feet. Secondly, the fact that they don’t impede your ankle rotations and movements mean that you can max out your footwork skills to reach your full boxing potential with confidence.



Cleto Reyes is a giant company in Mexico and a home to an array of robust boxing tools including gloves and boxing shoes. This company is known mainly for its pure leather combat accessories most of which are usually hand-stitched to offer the highest possible quality standards.

Needless to mention, if you are thinking of the best leather boxing shoes at an affordable price, Cleto Reyes will always be the brand to turn to. The Cleto Reyes Lace Up are, in my opinion, the best representatives here.


The Cleto Reyes Lace-Up shoes are heavy-duty boxing boots if all you want is a pair of boxing shoes that will last you a couple of years. These shoes have a superior craftsmanship for the serious fighter and are super comfortable. The wide upper, lacing system and side zipper make getting in and out of the boots easier and faster besides giving you a great fit.



When Adidas decides to combine agility and breathability, the Adidas Box Hog 2 is what comes up. This is one of the best boxing shoes for flat feet. Its price also makes it a highly recommendable option for beginners who don’t plan to blow up a huge chunk of money on a reliable pair of low-profile boxing shoes.


This is among the most affordable Adidas boxing shoes. It is marketed mainly to beginner boxers who want a budget-friendly pair of boots with high levels of comfort and stability. Expert pros looking for great exercise shoes might also find them super reliable. While they may not withstand intensive training regimes, they are really worth a shot if you are after a model that offers comfort, breathability, and flexibility in one package.



Have you ever wondered why on earth the modern boxer needs shoes while this game doesn’t involve any form of kicking? Well, there’s no a philosophically correct answer to this question. There’s also no reason why you can’t play bare-knuckle as traditional boxers did.

However, shoes offer several advantages including excellent traction, toe grip, ankle support, and precise pivoting.

It’s also worth noting that although it’s possible to use your regular cross training shoes for boxing, shoes that are specifically engineered for boxing will always outdo everything else in bringing out the boxer in you. The reason for this is simple; these shoes are designed to feel like a natural extension of you.

As you might have realized in the boxing shoes reviews above, most of these models have super flat low profiles thanks to their slim soles that make you feel almost barefooted. This is their strength; to keep you light on your feet and in total control of your stances and movement.

It’s, however, equally important to keep in mind that not even the best shoes for boxing in the world will keep you from being toasted if you don’t have the skills.   


Similar to buying a great pair of boxing gloves, shopping for the top boxing shoes won’t be a walk in the park. There’s more to simply identifying your right size and flashing out your credit card. 

The best boxing shoes should be like a natural extension of your feet. They should offer an easy escape from an opponent plus a good amount of comfort without actually being felt.

We’ve just picked a few features that will make your hunt for the best boxing shoes on the market a little bit easy.

Shoe height

If you are a buying a pair of boxing shoes for the first time, and you are lost for choice due to the many options available, we bet narrowing down to a particular height is a great way to narrow down your search.

Boxing shoes come in 3 different heights; low top, mid top, and high top. From the surface, any of these flavors seems like it would meet all your boxing needs. Sorry, but that isn’t the case.

As the name alludes, lows reach just below your ankle. These models are pretty much similar to your running shoes.

These shoes don’t stand in the way of your ankles movement. They are, in fact, designed to allow maximum ankle flexibility. This makes them a go-to choice for activities that require optimum ankle movements such as sparring, bag work, and general fitness training.

Mid-top boxing shoes are slightly higher than the lows. They usually go 2-3 inches above the ankle. Unlike low top shoes, the mids offer a good amount of support and protection to the ankle during intense movements. This is what makes them the best for in-ring performance. 

High tops are true boot style shoes and range at 4-6 inches above the ankle (almost half of your shin). These models make the best boxing shoes for ankle support and stability. Serious boxers dedicate these models for serious sparring exercises that resemble real fights.

Shoe material

With the right shoe height in mind, you’ll then need to determine the type of material that you want for your shoes. Similar to other combat gear particularly gloves, manufacturers use different types of materials including pure leather, suede, vented mesh, layered fabrics, among others.

The type of materials used speaks volume regarding the level of comfort that the shoes offer, your performance, and the durability.

Of course, pure leather is the most durable. Unfortunately, these boots tend to cost a pretty penny. Thus, you’ll need to dig a little deeper for it.

Whatever material you go with, ensure that it has proper ventilation to allow breathability especially if your feet get too wet when in action.


As we told you earlier on, footwork is everything in boxing. At any given time in the ring, you’ll either be throwing a punch or trying to dodge one. The success of any of these 2 possibilities lies with your ability to switch between stances real fast without fatiguing easily.

And that is to say that the weight of the shoe matters a big deal. The best lightweight boxing shoes are fundamental to effective stances and movements. They not only allow you to make lightning-fast combinations, but they also make you a moving target thereby keeping you in control. This gives you the upper hand.

On the other hand, heavy shoes slow you down and also require you to utilize most of your energy. As any other experienced boxer would tell you, slow foot speed plus fatigue make a recipe for being toasted.

Luckily, most boxing shoes are crafted with nimbleness in mind and will weigh well below a pound. However, while lightweight shoes are great, be sure not to compromise stability, support, and durability in favor of low weight.

Sole thickness (Traction and Pivoting)

When we say that a great performance in the ring boils down to your footwork, we are actually referring to 2 things; traction/grip and pivoting. And these 2 come down to outsole design.

So, what is traction and pivoting and how do they affect your performance?

Put in simple words, traction refers to the amount of grip that the sole offers you on the surface. A good grip offers you excellent balance. It also enables you to adjust to a proper stance to wage an offensive attack.

However, before concluding that a firmer grip is ideal, you need to understand how your shoes’ soles affect pivoting first.

Pivoting refers to the ability to turn your body to get a new angle around the same spot. This skill comes in handy especially when you are in the ring with an extremely talented boxer who crosses your ground very quickly. Quick pivoting cancels out the agility and strength of your opponent making him uncertain of your next action. This gives you control of your environment.

Different shoes perform differently in these 2 values. Some will offer you a firmer grip while others will maximize on pivoting. As you can probably imagine, a shoe with too much grip will tend to compromise pivoting. On the other hand, although pivoting is fundamental to avoiding knockouts, shoes that make your feet slid every time could get you in a bad spot easily.

That being said, the best type of boxing shoes should offer a good amount of traction but still allow you to change the angle swiftly.

Thin outsoles are taunted to offer the best mix of these 2 lifesaving boxing skills. A thin sole literally makes you feel the ground beneath you thereby leading to better foot control.

Size and fitting

With the right shoe height, material, weight, and sole in mind, you are now ready to get the shoe with these combinations in your size.

Fortunately, these shoes tend to fit just as your regular shoes. However, it’s important that you check whether your target brand and type is available in your exact size since most of them tend to come in full sizes only.

On the same note, some boxing shoes might run a bit low or high. The best idea is to try it if you are buying from a physical store. If you are shopping online, the reviews from previous buyers will tell you whether that particular model does come true to size or not.

Generally, the best boxing shoes of all time are just comfortable- they are neither too tight nor too loose. They should also have a snug fitting to prevent your feet from bruises and injuries in case of fall or misstep.,we


Q: What size of boxing shoes should I get?

A: Boxing shoes come in standard shoe sizes. This means that there’s no formula for getting the right size for your feet. Take is slow though. Some manufacturers are notorious for making shoes that are never true to size. Thus, it’s advisable to take a few minutes to peruse previous customers’ feedback on this.

Q: Can I use my cross-training shoes for boxing instead?

A:  Regular cross-training shoes are great for general training. However, if you are training particularly for boxing, getting a pair of boot that is engineered to give you a barefoot feeling might be the most brilliant idea. In addition, remember that you’ll be using your boxing shoes in the ring. So, it makes sense to get used to them anyway.

Q: Can I run in my boxing shoes?

A:  Yes. But we’d never advise you to do so. Boxing shoes have super low flat soles that bend easily. This means that jogging or running in them messes them up and could wear them pretty fast.

Q: How tight should boxing shoes be?

A:  As a rule of thumb, your boxing shoes should have a snug feel- not too loose to cause tripping and not too tight to cause bruises and straining.

Q: Can I use low top boxing shoes in the ring?

A:  Yes, you can. But there’s a high risk involved. The risk of rolling your ankle is usually very high inside the ring as you charge to and from the opponent. A sprained ankle could put you out of the ring for up to 6 months, and this might be a huge blow especially if you practice professional boxing. That’s why mid top boxing shoes are always recommendable for in-ring performance.