Best Double End Bags (Reviews & Rating 2021)

Best Double End Bags (Reviews & Rating 2021)

The question of whether or not a double end bag is important in a fighter’s workout routine is highly debated today. While most beginner boxers opt to leave it for pro fighters, the fact is that this piece of boxing equipment is as important as the heavy bag and speed bag in honing your boxing skills.

This article brings our recommendations of the best double end bags in 2021. We’ll also explain what makes these tools vital in your workout regimen and what matters most when purchasing them.


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The heavy bag and speed bag top the list of many fighters’ list of workout tools. Sure, these are among the best tools that you could turn to when trying to hone your pugilistic skills. Punching the heavy bag, for instance, helps in developing power and muscles particularly your shoulders, back, and arms. On the other hand, working the speed bag helps in creating speed in the hands and improving eye-hand coordination.

While these techniques seem like the most important in boxing, there are yet a few more vital skills that you’ll be missing out on not unless you add a double end bag into your workout regimen. Basically, this accessory simulates a moving target and helps in improving the accuracy of your hits by sharpening your eye-hand coordination and reflexes (more about this later). 


Currently topping most lists of the best double end bags reviews, the RDX is a 7-inch superbly designed ball bag engineered with durability, convenience, and effectiveness in mind.


Considering its size in diameter (7 inches), the RDX will make a great option for both intermediate and pro fighters. We like that it feels sturdy and seems like it can withstand intense workouts quite well. Again, it’s also worth mentioning that it does not require regular inflation and does come with all the minute components required for installation.



Title is a name to reckon with in your search for the best double end punching bag, and what we have here is one of their best offerings.

This model is available in 3 colors; gold, red, and black and has a diameter of 6 inches. You could also get it in sizes 7’’ and 9’’.


Honestly speaking, the Title Double takes the lead in terms of quality construction and affordability. We highly appreciate the genuine leather that this manufacturer uses for the cage and attachment straps and the rivet and triple stitch reinforcements. But what’s more exciting is its affordability compared to other models.



Yet another high-quality leather speed double end bag, this model by Ringside is quite similar to the Title above. It’s also one of the most affordable double end bags for speed punching for boxers on a tight budget.


This Ringside crazy bag is a recommendable model for fighters looking for affordable double end training bag. Although the cords that it ships with are not the best in the lot, the high-quality all-leather cage and straps make it a worthy deal especially for the price.



Any list of the cheapest double end bag reviews would have to include the Kuyou bag. This is, in our opinion, the most affordable and fairly reliable bag if you are not ready to spend a fortune on these training tools.

Given its quality of construction, it will also fit the bill if you are looking for a reliable model for a starter. Great news to parents, this model might also interest you if you are looking for a double-end bag to keep your kids off the screen.


For those who are looking for the best cheap double end bag for exercising punching speed and upper body workouts, this might be what you are looking for. It might not be the best in terms of quality, but of course, it wouldn’t be fair to compare it with another model that is, say, 5 folds pricier.



Our next pick here is for beginners and experienced fighters who are looking for a good balance between affordability and quality. This model isn’t as expensive as Title and Ringside above, but it has a lot to offer in terms of quality and reliability compared what the Kuyou brings to the table.


The ARD is definitely worth considering if affordability is of paramount importance in your hunt for the best double end bag to buy this year.  Despite being made from synthetic leather, the manufacturer has gone a long way to boost its reliability by ensuring quality stitches along the seams and especially around the straps. The bungee cords also ooze quality and reliability thanks to their stretchy and adjustable design that is bound to fit varying height requirements and training needs.



Looking for the best affordable double end bag? We bet you’ll find the Eskaay annoyingly irresistible. Despite of its unbelievable low price tag, you will also find it hard to get another model that matches this bag’s construction quality at this price. Don’t just take our word for it though. Here are the details:


Eskaay is relatively unknown in this niche compared to other giant brands that reign supreme in boxing apparels. However, this manufacturer has crafted an impressive double end bag in this model. Its appealing construction design featuring genuine leather and rust-resistant stainless buckles bring out a professional look, while the latex bladder inside makes reliable choice for upping your speed and accuracy.



A double end bag (also known as a floor-to-ceiling bag or the crazy bag) is more or less a hybrid between a heavy bag and a speed bag. Similar to a heavy bag, a double end bag is attached to the floor and ceiling and you can, therefore, punch and move around it as you punch.

The major difference, however, is that the latter isn’t heavy and might not help in developing power. However, unlike a stationary heavy bag, once you give a double end bag a solid hit, it tends to punch back at you ferociously. If you are slow, a rebound on your face can actually knock you out. This means that you cannot afford to be half-awake when working the double end bag.

Importantly, this double end bag does not simply sway back and forth; rather it makes largely unpredictable movements in all directions and with considerable velocity. This means that unlike a heavy bag that maintains its position even with heavy punches, a crazy bag will be long gone after the initial hit.

To avoid being hit back, you’ll need to maintain a sharp eye contact to its movements and be quick to hit it. Again, simply hitting the moving bag isn’t good enough. You’ll need to hit it at the right time and at the right place.

Even better, thanks to the fear of retaliation, a crazy bag requires that you alternate power punches with blocks, slips, and body movements.

Of course, you’ll miss most of the punches. But that’s exactly what will happen in the ring. To remedy this, a crazy bag teaches you not only how to get used to missed punches, but also how to get smart on when to strike and when to save your energy.

As you can see, a double end bag helps in honing almost all the important techniques that you’ll require in a sparring session or formal competition: punching combinations, rhythm combinations, defensive combinations, footwork combinations, and energy expenditure.

The speedy and unpredictable 360-degree movements mimic a furious opponent. Being able to deliver speedy punches at it while maintaining your guard against retaliations improves your eye speed and reflexes.

This will eventually help you in maintaining an accurate eye contact with your opponent’s head while being able to predict their next course of action in order to throw powerful punches at the right time.


One bag vs. two bags

As you hunt for the best type of double end bag, you’ll come across certain models that feature a single bag while others carry 2 bags. Which one should you go with?

Basically, a single ball end bag aims at helping you to practice your head punches. You could also work your body punches by aiming at the cord though. Single-ball bags are usually larger and move faster with each punch. That being said, they are preferable if you want to work your speed when aiming for the head.

On the other hand, a dual-bag double end bag (a.k.a Mexican style bag) features 2 air bags connected to each other. These types of bags help you exercise your head and body punches comfortably and effortlessly. They also allow you to perfect an array of punches including uppercut.

The only issue with 2-bag end bags is that they are relatively heavier and bigger. Thus, they tend to be a little bit slower when compared to single-ball bags.

Size (6’’, 7’’, 8’’, or 9’’)

The size of the ball also matters a big deal. These bags come in 6’’, 7’’, 8’’, and 9’’. The right size for you depends on your experience level.

Worth noting is that smaller bags (6’’) tend to move faster and also trickier to hit. But that’s the charm that makes them the best double end bags for pro fighters.

A 9-inch bag will be a good place to start off as a beginner before advancing to 7’’ and 8’’ sizes as you up your skill level.


Shape of the Ball

The shape of the air ball does not matter so much when shopping for a top double end bag. Depending on the manufacturer and model, the air ball can be round in shape or pea-shaped. The latter shape helps in perfecting straight punches and hooks. On the other hand, round-shaped end bags make it easy to perfect other types of punches including uppercuts.

However, putting in mind that double end bags are used mainly for perfecting speed, timing, and accuracy and not for punching technique, the shape is outright irrelevant and should not worry you too much.  

Material (leather vs. synthetic)

Right off the bat, leather makes the best quality double end bag. These models last long and are less likely to start fraying along the seams even with intense workouts.

However, as it’s the case with other leather boxing accessories such as the best boxing gloves for women, double end bags made from this material are also considerably pricier than their synthetic alternatives.

High-quality synthetic double end bags might also make a good alternative especially if your budget isn’t so accommodative. In fact, the good thing with this material is that it is less prone to stains compared to leather and it’s also super easy to keep clean.

Regardless of the material used, you’ll want to ensure that the ball cage has quality stitches along the seams. This isn’t so easy to tell especially if you are buying a double end bag online. In such a scenario, we recommend you to turn to previous buyers’ reviews and feedback appertaining to the double end bag that you have in mind.


The bladder is the chamber that holds air inside the double bag. You could think of it as a thick balloon. Depending on the model, this ‘‘balloon’’ may be crafted from rubber or latex. Most fighters prefer rubber bladders due to their durability and ability to hold air for long. But it’s worth mentioning that rubber does add weight to the bag, and this may affect the volatility.

Latex bladders are relatively lighter than rubber models. Therefore, they do not affect the general speed of the bag- that’s a pro.

Unfortunately, these bags tend to deflate faster and may require regular re-inflation.

Good news: Both rubber and latex rubbers are interchangeable and don’t cost much. As such, you can easily switch to the material that best gives you a good balance between convenience and performance.

Cord elasticity

The type of cord used (tight or loose) dictates the intensity of the ball’s movement. This is also the reason why 2 double end bags in a gym feel quite different in terms of performance.

Usually, a loose cord makes the ball to move a little bit slower compared to a tight cord. This makes it notably easier to hit since there is more time between the swings. However, this level of elasticity also makes the ball to move all over the place. This requires you to up your eye speed and accuracy.

In addition, a loose cord throws the bag further in all directions. Thus, you have to slip and block to avoid being hit. This helps in exercising your reflexes and guard which will really come in handy when tackling a skilled and elusive opponent.

Conversely, a double end bag suspended on a tight cord wiggles crazily thereby requiring you to throw fast, short punches. Therefore, you might want to consider these models if you want to perfect your speed.

If your budget allows, our recommendation would be to invest in a loose cord double end bag and another one with a tight cord and alternate the 2 during training.


Q: Does a double end bag develop power?

A: A double end bag is mainly used to exercise your timing and punching speed. However, although it does not help in developing muscles, a double end bag improves your accuracy when delivering the punches. You see, while power is essential in the ring, what matters most is how accurate and fast the hits are when directed to the target. This is to say that the best double end bag for boxing makes you a skilled puncher.

Q: How do you install a double end bag?

A: Your double end bag will ship with a bungee cord and a set of hooks that you’ll use to attach it to the ceiling and the floor of your gym or garage. Most manufacturers also include a how-to guide on how to install a double end bag. Even better, there are hundreds of tips on how to do this on YouTube as well.

If you have a speed bag, then it will make sense to install the crazy bag next to it.

Some of the tools that you’ll require for the installation process are

  • Marker or pencil
  • A screwdriver
  • A drilling machine
  • A plumb

If you don’t feel comfortable drilling through your floor, you could alternatively get a portable anchor system where you can attach the bottom cable instead. These systems require sand or water although we recommend sand. Here are our best picks of the best punching bag anchors;

Q: Is a double-end bag better than a speed bag?

A: Well, these 2 tools are important for your workouts. However, while the speed bag is the most common tool, pro boxers will recommend a double-end bag since it does a lot more than honing your hand speed and accuracy. In addition to perfecting these 2 skills, it also exercises your footwork, head movement, and blocking among other vital boxing techniques.